Playlist - Song Information: Howard Shore - The Council Of Elrond

Title: The Council Of Elrond
Artist: Howard Shore
Album: The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring
Track: 10
Year: 2001
Genre: Soundtrack
Encoded By: Owen Rudge
Encoder: Easy CD-DA Extractor (
Length: 3:49
Format: FLAC
Bitrate: 681kbps
Frequency: 44.10KHz
Channels: 2
Bits: 16-bit
Filename: 10 - The Council Of Elrond.flac
Size: 19,507,061 bytes
More Information: Shore - The Council Of Elrond Profile: /_/The%20Council%20Of%20Elrond
Lyrics: Solo in Sindarin:

O môr henion i dhû:
Ely siriar, êl síla.
Ai! Aníron Undómiel.

Tiro! Êl eria e môr.
I 'lîr en êl luitha 'úren.
Ai! Aníron...

'From darkness I understand the night:
dreams flow, a star shines.
Ah! I desire Evenstar.

Look! A star rises out of the darkness.
The song of the star enchants my heart.
Ah! I desire...'