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You have chosen to download the_serpent_installer_v1.zip (6.04MB). Please choose a mirror below:

Description of file:
The Serpent: A scenario for die hards (version 1.0)

A fictional map based on the Pennsylvania Railroad.

In this scenario, you'll have to build very long lines.

to make it a little easier and less mouse clicking, I recommend the use of "Autopause". The Build while pause option is also very nice.

You ll have PRR, Penn-Central, New Haven, Conrail, CSX and Amtrak, and for your city systems New Jersey Transit buses and New York city metros. No airplanes, and only the latest trucks and VW buses to have more train slots.


The scenario starts in 1920 and there are no competitors.

It is designed for fun, not a real representation of the PRR railroad.

Please note: Not only is this a hard map to play, it can be hard to install. Follow the instructions to the letter.

By Zimmlock and CLW.

Click here for more information.

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